MDS Community Dentistry Admission in Kerala 2021

MDS in Community Dentistry is a 3-year postgraduate course in dentistry, the minimum eligibility for whose pursuance is the successful completion of BDS or MBBS from a recognized institute.

MDS College Admission in Kerala | Dental Schools Course

MDS in Community Dentistry is a 3-Year Postgraduate course in dentistry. As the name suggests Community Dentistry is the study of dental care of the public. So it is a
non clinical subject. The main aim of the course is to understand the various methods to
prevent oral diseases spreading in the society. The other aim of Community Dentistry is to
create awareness of oral hygiene and dental health among the society.
In India, one of the most prevailing and increasing diseases is in oral health. Due to the same
India is also known to the capital of Oral Cancer in the world. So studying Community Dentistry
is a way to serve the large population from a silent epidemic from spreading.

MDS Community Dentistry: Course Highlights

Course Level



3 years

Examination Type

Semester System



Admission Process

NEET PG Examination

Course Fees

Government Fees – Rs.60,000/year

Private college fees – may vary based on the management decision

Average Starting Salary

Rs.4, 00,000 to Rs.15, 00,000

MDS College Admission in Kerala | Dental Schools Course

MDS Community Dentistry: Know your Eligibility

• Have to pass BDS from recognized medical colleges with proper affiliations
• Have to qualify in the NEET PG exam

How is MDS Community Dentistry Course Beneficial?

A community dentist can likewise function as professors and lectures in both government and private dental college since the course is acquiring ubiquity. Candidates can join government associations like the Public Health Foundation of India or other government and private-claimed dental clinics.

On account of candidates with interest in the showing calling, they can search for occupations as teachers in government/private dental schools. It is valuable to apply fundamental sciences information with respect to etiology, conclusion and the board of the anticipation, advancement dry treatment of the relative multitude of oral conditions at the individual and community level.

The Course is likewise helpful for additional examinations, for example, Ph.D. and so on

Course Syllabus: What you will learn?

The Following table illustrates the syllabus of MDS in Community Dentistry prescribed by various colleges & universities.

Year IYear IIYear III
Applied anatomyApplied basic scienceAllied clinical sciences
EtiopathogenesisEtiopathogenesis periodontal diseasesComplete denture prosthesis
Oral implantologyPreventive periodontologyPartial denture prosthesis
Clinical periodontologyRecent activities in periodonticsFixed partial prosthesis.

MDS Community Dentistry: Top Colleges

  1. Amrita School of Dentistry

MDS Community Dentistry: Your Career Pursuit

There are many job opportunities for this specialization of dentistry. One who loves to teach can be a lecturer at college. When this is just one profession to take up, there are different other opportunities from working in a clinic to super specialty hospitals. Opportunities are available in both private & government sector. The job opportunities in 2021 are as follows,

  • Public Health Inspector
  • Community Program Manager
  • Professor in colleges
  • Job in Public offices like Railway
  • Public health centre etc

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